About us

Ariel has been dreaming of creating her own makeup line since she was 22 years old. It was around that age when she was first exposed to the benefits of living a holistic lifestyle. 

Ariel was excited when she noticed there was a rising trend of natural, organic, and even vegan beauty products back in 2009. However, as an artist she realized something very important was missing from the green beauty movement... What was missing? --- An artistic eye for color palates, product texture, and better complexion selection. After researching tons of organic brands sold at retailers such as Whole Foods and other green markets she found that not one of those "green cosmetic" lines had been founded by an actual makeup artist. 

In the winter of 2014, Ariel made the decision to start working with a London-based cosmetic chemist. She began the pursuit of her dream to create a Green Beauty line that had an equal balance of---

"Safe ingredients and gorgeous color selection that enhance the natural beauty of all skin tones".

Ariel is grateful and humbled by the long journey that has finally brought these products to launch. She named every lipstick and gloss after an influential woman in her life. 

These colors are a tribute to natural, powerful, and empowering women who define what true beauty is really all about. 

"I truly hope you enjoy my products with lots of Self Love --- and may you always feel confident and beautiful in your own skin".

xoxo Ariel

Ariel Lewis Airbrush Makeup Artist